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Marine Centrifugal Fan >> CWL(CXL) Marine Small-sized Centrifugal Fan

CWL(CXL)series marine or small-sized centrifugal fan

CWL Series marine small-sized centrifugal fans can carry ordinary air, sea air containing salt vapor and corrosive air containing oil vapor.
They are suitable for ventilation of kitchen, lavatory, bulkhead, the public place and meeting room etc. in the naval and merchant ships, they can also be used for all kinds respective place.
CWL type fans can transmit gas mixtures or vapor of combustible and explosive and working safely in “dangerous place”, if the fans are matched with explosion-proof motors.
CWL series fans can be matched with A02-H three phase marine small induction motor, they can used on place of 380V/220V or 440V、50/60Hz.

Small size, light weight, stable performance, low noise, well-strength, well-anticorrosive, wide application range.
Strong performance of resisting swing, vibration and shock.

CWL Series marine or navy small-sized centrifugal fans have the construction with direct coupling for the motor. It can be constructed into a horizontal type or a vertical type. The impeller, the casing and the inlet are made of riveted. Both the casing and the inlet are made of weldedall-sized Centrifugal Fan.

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