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Marine Explosion-proof Axial Fan >> CSZ Marine Water driven gas freeing fan

 CSZ Marine Water driven gas freeing fan

1. Fan general
CSZ series fan have high anti-hazard classification, sound anti-wobble, anti-vibration and anti-impact performance. The fan simple structure. Low weight, simplicity of operation as well as its port-ability ( normally only one operator required ) ,driven direct by fire protection water, this ventilator depends on no other power with sealed bearings. It largely reduced the maintenance job. With a wide applicability, this type of ventilator can work at ideal for ducting flammable and explosive gases or steam as well as poisonous or other harmful gases.

2. Fan structure
CSZ Series ventilator fan composed of water turbine frame, casing, rotor and impeller, the water turbine precisely cast of anti-corrosion copper alloy and the casing welding of austenitic stainless steel, the impeller cast of high strength sealing a aluminum alloy. The water turbine and the rotor adopt two degrees of sealing, contact sealing and padding A safety brass ring fitted between the casing and impeller, with the structure of no-spark design CSZ ventilator fan serve either supply or exhaust fan, but they can’t displace use.

3. Fan applicable conditions
For palaces where there are explosive grade IIB and IIC and group from T4 to T6.
Ambient temperatures: -25℃~55℃
Relative humidity of the air: ≤95%
Cyclical vacillation: ±22.5℃~45℃
Sustained horizontal tilting: ±15℃
Sustained vertical tilting: ±10℃
Vibration: existence
Shock: existence
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